Currumbin is one of the iconic beach side villages on the Gold Coast and a perfect location to visit on a Sunshine bike. Due to its long pathways along the beach, flat and (mostly) dedicated bike paths and short distances with lots to see on the way, it is an ideal destination to explore.


Get your bike at the Kirra pod and head up north on the newly opened ocean way esplanade. There are a fair few famous and great surf spots along this stretch so keep your eyes peeled on the waves.Start by checking out the famous Kirra Point break. (On a big day you might spot a pro-surfer or two here as well!) This is the beginning of the Gold Coast World Surfing Reserve and that surely vouches for something. Flat Rock in Tugun is one of the Tugun/Currumbin beach breaks to check out before you hit the iconic Currumbin Alley and turn to ride along the creek. All worthy a dip or a paddle!


Currumbin Creek must be one of the prettiest waterways around! Once you head towards Currumbin Valley, you should follow the creek (and not the bigger road). The dolphins have been known to cruise up and down the creek to catch some fish and you don’t want to miss them in case they are around.


Stop at the Café by The Bridge by Thrower bridge for a quick juice and swim under the fig tree. Hop back on your bike and once you hit the Preston Park and the nature area right after, take a look at the trees. There is a bat colony of hundreds living in the area and you can see them all over the trees around the bike path.


When you hit the Currumbin Valley, the foot/bike path will merge to the main road but do not worry, the road is wide and used by both bike riders and cars alike.


If you are getting hungry, your next stop will be The Ecovillage(an award-winning sustainable living community) and specifically the café there, Pasture and Co. Grab a bite to eat, chill out on the lawn and say hello to the kangaroos.


Don’t stop here though. Ride your bike further in to the valley, maybe take a swim in the Currumbin Rock Pools, check out the Currumbin Valley Harvest (a biodynamic farm with a coffee shop) and if you are up for it, ride the bike all the way till the end of the road. At the end of the road, there is an easy, short rainforest walk at the Cougal Cascades.


On your way back, the spot to stop in is Balter Brewing in Currumbin Waters. The beer is cold, the place is cool and it is right on your route. They have food trucks regularly for a bite to eat and on Sunday afternoons they have live music as well. You cannot miss this!


Pretty much on the other side of Currumbin Creek Road, is the absolutely wonderful Dust Temple.This café/restaurant/contemporary art space/live music venue brings together good coffee, cool people and great culture and art. Check out their page for events and exhibitions to visit!


While this bike route takes you back and forth on the same route, there is so much to see and do that you won’t even notice. Enjoy Currumbin!


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