Sunshine Cycles Safety

Here are some helpful hints for your next ride.

Before you start

  • Manually pump the hand brakes to be sure they are taut.
  • Look at the tires to make sure they aren’t damaged.

Wear a helmet

  • In New South Wales, wearing a helmet is required by law. Wear a helmet while riding and reflective clothing/accessories at night.
  • Go slowly at the start while you’re getting used to the accelerator and brakes.

Responsible riding

  • Ride only where legally permitted.
  • Follow the road rules relating to red lights, stop signs and other road signs.
  • Ride the road or bicycle lane (if there is one), not the footpath. In New South Wales, riders aged over 16 must ride on the road, and keep left.
  • Abide by all traffic laws and speed limits.
  • Be aware of cars, pedestrians and fellow riders. It’s all about mutual respect on the roads!
  • Be especially careful at pedestrian crossings and intersections.

Stay off the beach

  • Definitely don’t ride on the beach. Salt and electrics don’t mix (we’ll charge a $50 minimum service fee if you can’t resist the temptation).

Where to park

  • Avoid parking in front of pedestrian walkways, driveways, fire hydrants and service ramps.
  • Park properly, preferably between trees or in designated bike parking areas.

“Our vision is to create positive change in the world by giving Australians a healthy, fun and environmentally responsible way to get around!”