The Sunshine Cycles Story

With a sustainable purpose, inspired by the wonder of freedom.

Our Story

Sunshine Cycles was conceived in 2016 in the idyllic seaside town of Byron Bay.

With its alternative vibe, relaxed beachy lifestyle and visitors from all over the world, the town was the perfect incubator for the sustainable business we’d been dreaming about.

Byron Bay is a smallish town with a biggish traffic problem.

We could see how much fossil fuel was being used to get people around. We wanted to be a part of the change the world needs to see. Inspired by new technologies and the groundswell of community movement towards greener and cleaner living, we came up with Sunshine Cycles.

Thanks to the amazing solar revolution, our bikes get people around in style and fun. The best thing is, sun-powered electric bikes are great for us, the environment and the community!

We’re thrilled to be the world’s first automated solar recharged shared e-bike system. From just one pod of 10 bikes in Byron Bay, we’ve now grown to 7 pods across the region – and beyond. All our pod shells and panels are made from customised shipping containers made from recycled materials, where possible.

And we’re not stopping here. Our vision is to have pods across Australia. Join us in setting the wheels of change in motion!