The Sunshine Community

For sun-chasers and adventure-makers
Sunshine Cycles was founded as a best-practice, sustainable business model.

While we’re not completely there yet, our focus is on recycling, reducing waste and moving towards zero emissions in all aspects of our business. This includes production and construction through to transport and waste management.

Our sun pods, for example are the world’s first solar-powered, off-grid, automated, integrated and remotely controlled pods. They’re locally made and use all recycled materials, where possible. All our plastics are recycled or plant based.

We plan to audit all materials used during the manufacturing process, then calculate shipping distance by weight to get an overall carbon value. This will be directly offset by regenerating locally cleared land with native food and vegetation in partnership with environmental organisations.

We also give back to the community by putting local business on the map with options to showcase them on self guided tours. By the way, we’d love to hear from any local organisation keen to work with us to create a happier, healthier, and more sustainable community.

At the end of every year, we resell all our amazing bikes into the community at substantial discounts. So keep your eye on the website for our sales! 

Our business is a part of our community and our community is our business.