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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
The bike lock won't unlock. What should I do?

Did you wake it up? The lock is on the top of the front wheel. Press the power button on top of it. It will greet you with a little chirp and flash showing it is awake. Now you can use the app to unlock the bike.

If it sounds like the bike is trying to unlock but cant.’t, Make sure the front wheel spokes are not pulled hard against the locking bar that runs through the front wheel. If the spokes are pulled against the locking mechanism, it can’t unlock properly.

I've finished my ride. The bike won't lock back.

Have you taken the ebike back to where you got it from? It can only be off hired at returned to its original Sunpod home once finished riding. you’ve finished your ride. Make sure you wake the lock on top of the front wheel by pressing the power button on top of it. It will chirp and flash indicating it’s awake. If the lock sounds like its locking, but beeps and doesn’t lock, make sure the locking mechanism isn’t hitting a spoke when its trying to lock. If it is, move the front wheel slightly and try again.

Where can I leave the bike?

The e-bikes need to go back to their special homes where you picked them up from to rest and recharge. Please see if the green light changes to red when you push the bike gently back into its slot. This means the bike is charging from sun juice, ready for the next adventure seeker.

The chain has fallen off.

Like with any bike, this can happen like any bike en when going over a bump sometimes. The best way to fix it is to slowly back pedal the bike with your hand, while holding the chain to the front cog until it engages and sits back on the cog properly. Try not to get a little grease on your lovely frocks or socks.

The bike won't turn on.

Sometimes the power can trip. If it won’t turn on, feel underf the battery case half way back on the left side. There is a swicthtch there. Flick it and try again. Voila!

Can I ride on the beach?

In three words, no, no and no. Salty sand and mechanical and electronics are not friends. We have to charge expensive maintenance and service fees if bikes come back sandy or wet. Please treat our lovely rides like they are your brand new Xmas present from Santa.

How far can I go?

Interesting question. Some folks have ridden 70kms on 1 battery. They are probably riding on power setting 2, mostly. which hasBasically more weight and, speed. More and battery usage. But we can safety say that if you’re cruising at 25km/h and pedalling, you could get to 50kms pretty easily.

What happens if I fall off?

Well fFirst make sure you’re safe and others are too. Seek first aid and notify us immediately by calling our phone number on the bikes. We will help out. are only a phone call away to help you with anything you need. We do, however, charge call out fees for negligence however are only a phone call away to assist for anything you need. You’re responsible for your safety and that of the bike while you have it. Please treat our lovely rides with respect so we can offer the very best product for our members to enjoy! Share the love!

How much is it to use a Sunshine Cycle?

Our Rates are cheap. Our products are top quality at affordable rates. You can rent casually for $8 per half hour or. Or if you subscribe for $1 per day, you get half price rental at $4 per half hour. You can also make booking requests at least 48 hours in advance for $65 per day, or $55 any additional days. So you can have your own Sunshine Cycle at the place you’re staying to explore in style. We can even deliver from $20. Just send us an enquiry.

Can we do a group booking?

Yes, you can. Just shoot us an email with what you’re thinking your proposal and we can work with you to tailor a cool tour adventure, or what ever you fancy.